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Oil Company Editorials

What they say about us!

To Whom It May Concern:

I have been impressed with the performance of both Bonanza Rig 1 & 2 over the last several months on OMERS Energy Inc. and Superman Resources Inc. various drilling programs. From Rimbey/Gilby and Vegreville to Wapiti consistent high level operations have been observed.

All feedback from personnel involved including consulting companies and field supervisors has been very positive. Any issues or concerns are immediately dealt with and tracked to a timely resolve.

The experience levels associated with your company is evident in all aspects of the operations and I look forward to proceeding with our current and future programs. Bonanza is a first class operation from top to bottom and our relationship with yourselves is appreciated. Good Work!

Darren Gillanders, P. Eng.
V.P. Operations
Guard Resources Limited
For and On Behalf of it’s Pension Fund Clients
OMERS Energy Inc.
Superman Resources Inc.

The dream and intention for Joe and Jason Hemsing was to open a drilling company with high quality equipment and highly qualified employees who would operate their business with superior standards for service delivery and one where safety and health would be integral to their organization. They wanted a good safety person with the same goals and Dean Ulmer joined the group to make it happen.

Admirable goals- and they have moved ahead strongly in these objectives. As an auditor and long time safety person I witnessed the quality equipment, personnel and work that combined safety and health as a basic and essential standard for operations. Improvements were addressed and Bonanza is the first drilling company I have heard of to spend the time and effort to include photos in their JSAs to help the employees understand each critical step. This is remarkable and employees find this method of preparing a JSA to be one of the best learning tools.

Through the help and encouragement from one of their clients, each member of their crews is delivering a safety presentation to the whole crew on a safety topic of their choosing. This is excellent as it has empowered the crew to get actively involved in their own safety. Bonanza is one heck of a fine drilling company and it is expected that these high standards will continue due to the strong leadership in the organization and their willingness to go the extra mile in every aspect of the business.

While conducting audits and interviewing the employees, it became very evident that they truly enjoyed working at Bonanza Drilling. They truly appreciate being treated like family rather than an employee number.

Wendy G. Kinsey Consulting Inc.

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